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Area Manager

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A Plan by Consultants Team

We are Research and Consulting Organisation, Founded in 1994, Reinvented in 2019(India), we are the research and advisory company. We’ve expanded well beyond our flagship technology research to provide any institutes, industry and individuals across the globe with the indispensable research, education, advice and tools they need to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build the organizations of tomorrow.

Together with our clients, we work towards the future of business so that a more successful world takes shape.

Area of Functioning: Area Manager (Exp: 2-5 Years)

Basic Understanding

  • Google Meet, Mails, Chats, Hangout

  • Webcam, Audio

  • Internet connectivity

  • Availability of 6.5 hours for each day.

Job Responsibilities

  • Strategic Planning: Assist in developing and implementing strategic plans to achieve business objectives in the North-Eastern region, focusing on market expansion, revenue growth, and customer acquisition.

  • Team Support: Provide support to the Area Manager and operational staff in day-to-day activities, including coordinating with shop owners, vendors, and delivery partners.

  • Market Research: Conduct research and analysis to identify market trends, competitor activities, and customer preferences. Provide insights and recommendations to inform decision-making.

  • Relationship Building: Assist in building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, partners, suppliers, and government authorities. Foster collaboration and communication to enhance operational efficiency.

  • Performance Tracking: Assist in monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to evaluate the performance of the North-Eastern region. Contribute ideas for improvement and optimization.

  • Promotional Activities: Support the planning and execution of promotional activities within the area, including assisting with marketing campaigns and initiatives.

  • Sales Support: Assist in monitoring and analyzing sales performance, identifying opportunities for growth, and supporting sales activities within the region.

  • CRM Assistance:Provide assistance in managing customer relationships and CRM tools, including maintaining databases and addressing customer inquiries and concerns.

Education required

  • BA/BS or MA/ MS University degree with a concentration in marketing, promotions and advertising sales.

  • MBA or International Business Specialization

Qualifications required 

  • Open to freshers and individuals with limited experience

  • Willingness to learn and adapt to new challenges

  • Creativity and innovative thinking are highly valued

  • Passion for making a meaningful impact in the North-Eastern market

  • 2 Years of Logistics experience 

  • 1 Years of delivery partner handling experience

  • 2 Years of e-commerce experience

Skills required 

  • A candidate must have Sales specialization that focus on companies and corporations

Technical Skills

  • Customer Services

  • Meeting Sales goals

  • Closing skills

  • Territory management

  • Prospecting skills

  • Negotiation

  • CRM handling skills

Behavioural Skills

  • Self Confidence

  • Product Knowledge

  • Presentation Skills

  • Client Relationships

  • Motivation for customer support

  • Motivation for customer handling

  • High Patience

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Area Manager

Skills and Experience Required

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