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Research Content and Management Intern

Greetings by:
A Plan by Consultants Team

We are Research and Consulting Organisation, Founded in 1994, Reinvented in 2019(India), we are the research and advisory company. We’ve expanded well beyond our flagship technology research to provide any institutes, industry and individuals across the globe with the indispensable research, education, advice and tools they need to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build the organizations of tomorrow.

Together with our clients, we work towards the future of business so that a more successful world takes shape.

Area of Functioning: Research Intern (Exp: 0-3 Years)

Basic Understanding

  • Google Meet, Mails, Chats, Hangout

  • Webcam, Audio

  • Internet connectivity

  • Availability of 6 hours each day.

  • Other Basic Products/tools Understanding or Knowledge of Research areas


  • Literature survey for a project that they have taken up

  • Experimentation in the lab to develop an ideology or a concept

  • Writing codes to perform simulations and running them/ Modelling in case of product development

  • Helping a PhD scholar in random jobs

  • learning new softwares/subjects in a really short time frame

  • Writing the paper for the finished experiment


  • Bachelors in Engineering, Social Sciences(Research), Mathematics or Statistics or Masters Degree in Analysis, Business Administration


  • MBA in Business Administration in Research

  • Masters/PhD Degree in Research, Statistics or Mathematics

  • 3 Research Papers in National or International Level Journals or Institutional Press

Technical Skills

  • Design of Structures

  • Maths and Financial Acuity

  • Ability to Recognize Patterns

  • Technical Knowledge and Searching Skills

  • Statistical and Graphical Analysis of Data

Cross Functional Departments or Sub-Departments

  • Departments namely- Marketing, Designing, Development, Product, Content, HR, Legal, Finance

Behavioural and Non Technical Skills

  • Good Organisational Skills

  • Accuracy

  • Commercial awareness

  • A methodical approach to work

Other Job Openings

Research Content and Management Intern

Skills and Experience Required

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