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Law and Management Intern

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A Plan by Consultants Team

We are Research and Consulting Organisation, Founded in 1994, Reinvented in 2019(India), we are the research and advisory company. We’ve expanded well beyond our flagship technology research to provide any institutes, industry and individuals across the globe with the indispensable research, education, advice and tools they need to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build the organizations of tomorrow.

Together with our clients, we work towards the future of business so that a more successful world takes shape.

Area of Functioning: Legal or Law (Exp: 0-10 Years)


  • Enhances attorney effectiveness by developing case information, evidence, and settlement options

  • Preparing and verification of legal and contractual documents. Tracking cases; supporting attorney's trial proceedings.

  • Keeps cases organized by establishing and organizing files; monitoring calendars; meeting deadlines; documenting actions; inputting information into file database and case management software; confirming case status with attorney.

  • Helps develop cases by maintaining contact with people involved in the case; scheduling depositions; preparing and forwarding summonses and subpoenas; drafting complaints; preparing and filing discovery requests; preparing responses to opposing counsel; generating status reports.

  • Maintains case costs by verifying outstanding balances with attorney, clients, and providers.


  • Bachelor's degree in a pre-law or similar field, followed by completion of LSAT and law school degree.


  • Master's degree in MBA with LSAT or Law-related field may also be beneficial

Technical Skills

  • Reporting Skills, Research Skills, Legal Administration Skills, Litigation, Organization, Planning

Behavioural and Non Technical Skills

  • Time and Work Management

  • Trustworthy, Dependable (Maintain Client Confidentiality)

  • Professionalism/Client Relationships

  • Attention to Detail

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Law and Management Intern

Skills and Experience Required

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